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McDonalds Faces a French Fries Shortage in Japan

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After a year of shortages, McDonald’s Japan has cut portions again. The fast-food giant usually imports potatoes from Canada, but the flooding in Japan has halted deliveries of some of its staples. Because of the French fry shortage, the company is forced to reduce portions in Japan. While the company isn’t selling out of fries yet, it is planning to introduce a new menu option – Small-sized French fries.

As a result of the global potato shortage, McDonald’s Japan is currently rationing fries. The shortage is the result of the supply chain failing to meet demand. The problem has affected all of McDonald’s franchises in the world, but is particularly severe in Japan. As a result, customers in Japan will now only be able to get a small portion of fries, instead of a medium or large one.

The problem is widespread and affects the supply chain for potatoes in Japan. The company had already temporarily halted sales of its medium and large portions last December because of the French fries shortage. The cause of the shortage is a combination of recent flooding in Canada and the Covid-19 disease, which affected the potato supply chain in the region. Since McDonald’s imports potatoes from North America, it relied on the port of Vancouver, which was hit by flooding. As a result, it had to rely on flying in frozen supplies.

A shortage of potatoes is affecting McDonald’s Japan outlets. The chain has temporarily suspended the sale of medium and large-sized French fries in order to avoid the possibility of running out of food. In the meantime, the company is working with local suppliers to maintain the supply of the essential items. The supply shortage is expected to last until December 30th. There will be no other breaks in the supply system. But it is clear that the shortage will continue until Christmas.

The shortage is due to issues in the supply chain. Although McDonald’s primarily imports potatoes from Canada, the coronavirus has affected potato supply in the region, and the potatoes are imported from Vancouver. The company has apologized for the inconvenience caused by the shortage and said it was working with local suppliers to ensure that the fries are available in stores. The supply shortage is expected to last until December 30, 2021.

Japanese customers may be unable to enjoy a large-sized meal at McDonald’s Japan because the chain has faced a shortage of French fries. In order to compensate, the company is selling small portions of medium and large-sized french fries. The food service sector has seen a shortage of potatoes in recent years, but it is still a major issue in the country. During the past few weeks, the Japanese restaurant chain has suffered no shortage of potatoes. Its supply issues have caused the company to purchase the required potatoes from overseas suppliers.

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